Links I'm Loving: Special HALLOWEEN Edition

What I'm clicking on and obsessing about this week at #Bert&LouHQ <3

Spoiler alter: Halloween was never my favorite holiday.  I don't like gore.  I'm entirely uninterested in zombies and werewolves and all those nasty critters.  I prefer comedies over scary movies.  

Mind you, the candy was (and is) legit.  

I've always appreciated skeletons, as any good naturalist would.  

I enjoyed brainstorming ridiculous costumes for my mom and me to make each year.

(in third grade I decided I was going as a lollipop.  Thank goodness for my mom and her creative genius.  I ended up with a three-foot-wide round foam topper on my head and a LOT of shimmer... I even made it through a whole day of school in that bad boy).  But that was the extent of my Halloween enjoyment.

So it comes a bit of surprise to me that I'm beginning to enjoy the spooky holiday a little now that I'm an adult.  First of all, I get to embrace my (not so) inner goth.  I can wear my skull-print shirts and paint my nails black and no one judges, because DUHH, it's Halloween.  Second, pumpkin art.  This year I painted pumpkins to look like donuts...need I say more?  Third, I've found myself creating totally tame yet duper fun Halloween traditions, like watching a spooky movie each night for the week leading up to all hallows eve or coming up with (and eating) creatively morbid desserts (check out my instagram for some of this year's creations!)!

In honor of this holiday that's growing on me, I've gathered up a full list of links solely devoted to the spooky and the morbid.  

Are there any Halloween links you're clicking on lately?  Do share!

A (possibly) true ghost story.

Dot & Bo has you covered on spooky haunted farmhouse decor :P

America's coolest ghost towns.  Have you been anywhere that gave you the creeps?

Genius Halloween candy + wine pairings

Any idea what necropants are? No? Well, here ya go!

A tasty (and spooky!) dirty chai recipe I'm determined to try.

I'm totally making these DIY monster eyeball mini donuts if I throw a Halloween party!

The Manhattan burial crisis was both nasty and morbid.... and interesting. 

Here's a cool blog about morbid (and interesting!) anatomy.  Here's another

With this list of 53 Halloween events around the world, you're bound to find something fun to do in your neck of the woods!

I'm adding Travel and Leisure's list of creepiest places to visit to my "Wanderlust" pinboard! A church made of bones?! COOL!

Dolls already give me the spooks, so you can bet I will NOT be visiting the world's most haunted doll!

A ghastly collection of nature's wildest creepy crawlers.

What are you doing to celebrate?  Costume parties?  Pumpkin carving contests??  I'd love to hear about it!!  :D