Boss Babes

I'm honestly a little surprised Instagram hasn't put a cap on the accounts I follow yet.  I get on following sprees and I just can't help myself!  My most recent trip down the Instagram rabbit hole consisted of accounts that make me feel like the most boss babe ever.  Some are career-oriented, others are full on GRL PWR, but all offer daily doses of wisdom and positivity (something which can seem really hard to come by these days!).  The thing I love about Instagram is that I can choose to surround myself with beauty and creative vision and not have to bear witness to all the crazy that is taking place on my other social media channels.  Sometimes a girl just really needs some joy and pictures of nicely styled coffee cups!  Am I right or am I right?!

*click through pictures to see each account*

Boss Ladies Mag

Career Contessa

Business Chicks

Girls Building Empires

Lean In

Create & Cultivate

The Wing

The WW Club

Levo League

Have a super weekend! <3

I'm Obsessed: Crazy Awesome Cakes, or Why I'm Moving to Australia.

If I love anything, it's CAKE.  Seriously, so much cake....

I have an entire pinboard devoted to JUST cake. 

They're just so beautiful and have so much potential for cool artsyness....and they're delicious!

....and now all of a sudden all these outrageous cakes are showing up in my life and I need every single one of them!  

I follow these marvelous bakeries on the INSTA (all links are listed below) and I seriously ogle all the creations that come out of these magical places.  They're like the Disneylands of cake design! They're like if a unicorn and cake had a baby!  For some reason (that remains unknown to me and I can only hypothesize that Australia is just way more awesome), practically ALL the bakeries are in the Land of Oz!  Which stinks, because that means they're difficult for me to visit!  Come on, America! Get your act together! 

In the meantime, while I wait for the U.S. to catch up and provide me with some equally amazing cake-porn, I'll continue hungrily following these gems and daydreaming about all the parties and soirées and birthdays I would pair these cakes with!

Heaven must look a lot like those bakeries.....!   :D


Speaking of crazy awesome...

This week I learned that there's a word that roughly equates to "reveling in another's joy".  It's called Mudita

14 of the U.S.'s most spectacular libraries

A scientific look into the creative gifts of ADHD . More sciencey/creative stuff.

A shark that loves being petted?! 


Hi, friends!  Have I ever mentioned my addiction to Instagram?  If you've followed me for about a year, you probably know the answer to that, as I used to have a weekly post completely dedicated to my favorite InstaShots every Monday.  Alas, I'm apparently the queen of inconsistency (it's my ADHD, I swear!), and that project ended after I got myself temporarily blocked on the 'Gram by asking artists permission to post their work (Sheesh!).  But I still creep the thing ALL. THE. TIME.  I scroll as I wake up and attempt to drag myself out of bed in the morning... I scroll while I wait in line at the grocery store... I scroll as I wait for pasta water to boil... I scroll probably too much....but I can justify it by telling myself I'm just keeping a steady stream of art and inspiration in my head, rather than merely stalking people's status updates and preggo pictures on the other social media forums. Wayyy more productive, if you ask me!

But I love Instagram so much and find so much joy and inspiration in it that I can't help but want to share it!  So I'm kickin' a new InstaLove project into gear!  It won't be as frequent as my last InstaAttempt, but it will still showcase the newest accounts I've started following, as well as some of my old faves!  I hope you love them as much as I do and maybe even find your own bits of inspiration throughout! :*

(click images to be taken to accounts)

This Girl is a Squirrel. 

Because, come on! It's a little rescued squirrel and her adorable squirrelly life! (And because I've always wanted my own squirrel...)

Desserted In Paris

This dude matches his fancy Parisian desserts to his shoe outfits.  Dreamy.

Linda Hong.

Her adorable illustrations bring me so much joy.  I love that she adds little toots to them!  It's cute without being gross!  Plus, she just had the coolest wedding.  You have to check out her account, if not for the art at least to see how she did her hair for her big day!

Kiana Underwood.

Glorious, glorious florals.  A daily dose of beauty.

Twist Me Pretty.

I almost didn't follow this account because I'm a bad person and could care less about pictures of people's kids (so sue me!), but this girl is my exception! Her hair tutorials make me swoon, she's frickin' GORGEOUS, her style rocks, and the pictures she does post of her kids make even grinchy old me say "aww". :P

One Teacher's Style. 

Cool outfits and budget friendly ideas.  Need I say more?


Are there any Instagram accounts you've been obsessed with lately? I want to know!  Share the love!

InstagraMonday: Middle of the Road

I find myself creating my own unintentional trends.  When something catches my eye, I begin to notice it much more frequently, like all of a sudden I truly see them.  Such is the case for images like these.  Each photograph is seriously pure genius, and now that I've noticed their beauty, I feel like they turn up more than before (but not so much that they've lost their meaning, or become an actual trend!).  I am obsessed with their composition and the perfectly centered road; with the road being barren (or nearly so) and therefore a peek into a very private experience; with the pureness of the light and wildness of the weather that makes you feel like you're right. there.  Each photograph is so infused with the power to transport you.  They all make me want to hit the road! 

Make sure to check out each grammer's full account---the talent is out of this world! 

InstagraMonday: Lauren Finkelstein

I am obsessed with ceramics by Lauren Finkelstein.  Every.  Single.  Piece.  Her talent is crazy apparent through her Instagram feed which chronicles her own work as well as some of her daily inspirations.  I can think of at least a hundred uses for and places to put her beautifully decorative dishes, vases and bowls!  Follow her gorgeous work on Instagram @ Lauren_Yup_ , and keep an eye out for more about this awesome artist coming soon!  (She's so cool!)

all images courtesy of Lauren Finkelstein: Instagram @lauren_yup_

all images courtesy of Lauren Finkelstein: Instagram @lauren_yup_

Have a great Monday!