The Good Stuff: Trust Fall, The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives, and Why Most Fossils Are Male

Well, I must have royally jinxed myself by spouting my mouth off about September being my favorite month because man, September was the pits. It felt like if it could go wrong it did, and I really just haven’t been able to catch a break.

But I’m not here to complain.

I’m here to talk about my self-proclaimed seasonal theme: Trust Fall.

The thing about this season is that it welcomes change. I’d even argue that change is autumn’s essence. And, whether we like it or not, with change comes struggle. This is uncomfortable, but it forces us to check in with ourselves and shed what’s not working in our lives like a tree sheds it leaves (ok ok, no more autumn analogies, I promise).

This is a season to set intentions, and while I am sticking with #PositivityAsAnActOfRebellion to continue to overhaul my corner of the hostile wasteland called “social media”, I am also making a point to set a new intention to let go a little bit and allow change to happen in the areas of my life that I feel an immense need to control. Really, I am going to do my best to let failure happen. Because without change or failure there is no growth or opportunity for new beginnings.

So here goes nothing. I am trusting fall (the season) to bring about change, as it does. But this is also a trust-fall, and I hereby move to release my tendency to fiercely hang on as I let go and see what catches me.

How we can create a sex positive future for women — take a bit and watch all the TED talks! I loved them.

Death has become something completely unaffordable, entirely impersonal, and totally out of the control of those experiencing it first-hand …. So these ladies in London are set to have their first DIY ‘Coffin Club’ where members decorate their own caskets and discuss death over tea. I’m in!

Why is this 72-year old man teaching pickle-ball in Chicago prisons?

The dangerous lengths some people will take for social media likes.

I love these things to be cheerful about.

There is beauty in decay. Don’t believe me? Check out these these glass sculptures of rotting fruit (okay, still don’t find it beautiful? You have to admit that artistry is beautiful, even if the subject is not!).

9 ways to stop using so much plastic. This is something I am really working to get onboard with….

… but also: You can’t shop your way to sustainability.

On the fear of motherhood.

Essential viewing: Proof that we’re more similar than we are different: the moral roots of liberals and conservatives.

Africa’s first vertical urban forest. The planet needs more of these.

If humanity is more important than money, why are so many of us struggling to make ends meet with jobs that don’t satisfy us? Here’s why Capitalism needs a serious upgrade.

I got a kick out of these international wedding looks from throughout the ages (but I also can’t help but feel real sorrow for some of the women in the photos who are clearly not having a good time…sigh).

Another reason to consider limiting your meat consumption: animals do have moral behavior. Give Meatless Mondays a try!

Talk about ecotherapy! Some Norwegian hospitals are now offering cabins for recuperating patients.

Why are most fossils male?

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The amazon has been on fire. The ice caps are fully melting. But it’s not all gloom and doom! Here are 19 good things that have happened for the planet this year…

…and if you don’t believe me, this was the worst year to be alive (according to

This giant circular orange juicing machine isn’t just a spectacular sight, it also turns the discarded peels of the juiced oranges into 3D-printed cups!

I have an affinity for finding foreign rap on Spotify and in real life, and now there’s a website dedicated to it.

Writing a thank you note each week really appeals to me. I think I might just try to make this a habit!

A recent documentary from PBS includes a fascinating clip of an octopus changing colors while sleeping. The marine biologist involved in Octopus: Making Contact thinks that the sea creature was dreaming about hunting, which sparked the color shift to a camouflaged shade. Even more reasons to love cephalopods.

This flower smells distinctly of chocolate!

How an art conservator restores holes in old canvas using surgical tools and a microscope.

The Wing's cofounder just became the first visibly pregnant CEO featured on a business magazine cover. Yas kween!

And finally, some thoughts on Intimacy and the internet.