The Good Stuff: Positivity as an Act of Rebellion, Beer Can Aesthetics, and The End of Meat

Happy August, ya’ll! Can you feel the season approaching change? I’m starting to notice leaves turning yellow and red around here…not many, but just enough to give me that inkling of autumn being near.

It brings me a lot of joy. I truly love fall.

Speaking of joy, can we talk about positivity for a second?

We need more of it. I recently (finally) reached a point of utter disgust and frustration with my personal facebook account and how hostile that platform has come to be. I’ve been toeing the line of being fed up with it for quite some time, but I always wind up back in it. I equate it to being stuck in an abusive relationship: I keep telling myself “no, I’m better than this” and “this is toxic, I don’t need this in my life”, but time and time again I come back.

So you know what? I’m going to harness this hold it has on me and aggressively rebrand my small space right there on the interwebs to be as positive and joyful as possible. This is how I’ve run my other social media accounts for a while now (my Twitter is literally only things that I love), but Facebook has lingered as a place I can post inflammatory things and watch them catch fire with arguments between people I know (and don’t know, tbh). And you know what? It’s really harmful to my inner peace. It brings me absolutely no joy whatsoever and it stresses me out. And lord help me don’t even get me started on the news feed. DEPRESSING. I’m not so naive as to assume the world isn’t a flaming garbage fire in so many ways, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t good stuff in it, too. So here we go. I’m launching Positivity As An Act of Rebellion. It’s officially ON.

> side note: I will still post a variety of things here, good and bad, but it will have to pass muster in my very scientific scale of value. Does this add value to my/your life? If not, it ain’t happening. I’ve tried to stay really true to that mindset when posting for The Good Stuff (basically what this blog has become), but I will be even more mindful of it going forward.

BLESS UP. #positivityasanactofrebellion

Why is beer can aesthetic having a moment?

Nature is so healing, I feel like I come back from a walk in the woods with a renewed energy. It turns out that’s actually medically studied. Some people call it “the nature fix”: the incredible link between nature and your emotions.

How to design a curiosity-driven career. I. Love. This.

The philosophical lessons offered by a very (very) large rock.

This article about control and leadership really resonated with me. Aaron Dignan’s analogy about leading like a “traffic light” vs a “roundabout” gave me a total eureka moment.

Over 4,000 volunteers have come together and contributed to this mural of brotherhood on the U.S.-Mexico border.

I am smitten with these vibrant national park landscapes by Heinrich Berann, and even more intrigued by the way he augmented landform placement and true geography but still held true to the essence of each place.

Gratitude will make you healthier.

I love this quote and the talk that comes with it: “Let’s try to invest in the people that pick us up when we’re down, that remind us of who we are. People who know that we are not our brands. People that remind us that we matter exactly as we are.”

How refugees are using GIS to map their geographies and experiences.

I’d love one of these beekeeping boxes for small spaces!

Offset your carbon footprint through a subscription…is it too good to be true? Too easy? Does it take away the accountability of our actions in the moment? I’m curious to see.

You you need a network of low-stakes, casual friendships and connections (seriously, your health will benefit!).

Is this the beginning of the end of the meat industry? (I hope so!)

A peek into the unexpected history and heritage of emojis.

xoxo Britta