The Good Stuff: Glowing Wounds, Neuroscience as Art, + the Best Life Mantras

Buenos dias, mis amigos.

Have any fun plans for this holiday weekend? I intentionally under-booked myself, unlike I normally do (I tend to schedule myself to death and then find myself exhausted and zero percent recharged by the end of the weekend…ugh). I had a moment of clarity in Cabo recently (humble Cabo brag) that I need to actually allow myself time to unwind! I’ve had this hustle mindset of doing all the things and proving (to whom?) that I’m succeeding (let’s not unpack all that baggage right this moment, shall we?), and gosh darnit it’s exhausting.

So this weekend I am planning to sit by my pool, read my book, sleep in, make strawberry margaritas with the succulent strawbs I picked up at the farmer’s market yesterday, and generally just allow myself to lounge. I.can’t. wait.

I’ve got some goodies to keep you busy this weekend, especially if it’s supposed to rain near you like it is here by me and you’re expecting some indoor time :)


As it turns out, there are two types of creativity, and they peak at different ages.

An art historical journey to free the nipple.

Weird science: how a few civil war soldiers started glowing from their wounds…and healed faster.

Feeling work burnout? As someone who cried the week before I left for vacation and then spent days in my own head trying to assess if I’m burned out or just stressed, I wish I’d had this article a little sooner. The point about trying to be the best at all the things really resonated with me!

This celestial photograph just blew my mind (and it was taken by “amateurs”!).

Take this quiz to find out your creative type. The questions are unusual and I love that. I got “The Revolutionary” :)

14 of the world’s most charming libraries.

What exactly is a mantra, and how can it help you live your life more fully? One of mine is “it’s a good day to have a good day”. Even if I don’t fully believe it at the time, saying it helps reset my attitude on hard days and allows me to reclaim what I have left of the day, rather than letting a set back trash the remainder of my waking hours.

One of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen, this neuroscientist/artist creates art work that absolutely blows. my. mind. Without spoiling too much of his process, his idea to utilize reflective gold leaf in order to mimic synaptic firing is gee dang genius if you ask me. I’m so obsessed I even hunted him down elsewhere: instagram, website.

You can now stay at the bus from Spice World. Yep, that’s right! It will be listed on AirBnb and do I suddenly need a trip to the UK?!

Struggling to identify an emotion you’re feeling? Use this emotion descriptives wheel to really clarify and fine-tune how you’re feeling. The only way to work it out is to fully identify and see what you’re working with.

5 books Bill Gates wants you to read this summer. I have officially added all of them to my reading list.

Why you need white space in your daily routine.

Back in the day, I wrote a post about why artists deserve to get paid. If you are trying to find that sweet spot of income as an artist, here’s a guideline for pricing your work!

Perfectionism is a hustle. I never thought about it this way but it makes so much sense.

What a beautiful tiny house in rural Japan can teach us about the health of cities