The Good Stuff: The Health Benefits of Tattoos, Cephalopod Week, and the Best Bob Ross Pep Talks

It’s a two-fer!! Two posts in a single month, hot dang look at me go!

Small update: I have reopened my shop (!) . I’m trying to keep things on the lighter side until I am officially done with grad school, but if you’re looking for any Bert+Lou cards, they’re available for purchase again. Yippee! I am also accepting wedding suite and glassware orders, albeit in limited amounts. Pet portraits are on hold, as is larger scale art. Thanks for all your love and support (and patience). I appreciate you!

Oh, and of course, happy father’s day weekend!

Can a tattoo help with your health? I’m itching for my next one, so this may help me justify it to my mom (sorry Mom).

Modern Tahitian portraits by Kahinde Wiley challenge history and Paul Gaugin’s problematic racial depictions and over-sexualization of natives to the Tahitian islands he once called home. As much as I appreciate Gaugin’s work, in particular his use of pattern and color, it certainly needs to be addressed how his paintings often (usually?) sexually objectified his subjects as the “exotic other” for viewers back home in France.

The Hong Kong Ballet recently rebranded and all I can say is NEON TUTUS:

Lately I am really feeling the mindset that it’s okay to be good and not great (tying into last month’s article on why Perfectionism is a Hustle). Let’s hear it for living in the moment, self-forgiveness, and letting your heart be your guide.

Can science tell us what beauty truly is? Neuroscientist Anjan Chatterjee weights in on the neurology of creativity.

Feeling down? Here are the best Bob Ross pep talks.

I am all about this article on getting away from busyness and reclaiming your life. ::applauds wildly::

What does your digital footprint reveal about your psychological profile?

Botanical sexism” could be the reason your seasonal allergies are so wicked. “When used for street plantings, only male trees should be selected, to avoid the nuisance from the seed.” It’s like The Handmaid’s Tale for trees!

I am completely smitten with these over-the-top macrame headdresses. Stunning!

Is this heaven?! A dog-themed theater in Texas serves canine-themed films and serves free wine. Sign me up.

Fashion designer Fredrik Tjærandsen’s runway show with performative inflatable garments has me chuckling, but I do quite appreciate it.

The most exceptional trees in Hawaii’i. Be sure to check out the interactive map.

New hero: This dude totally shreds on the recorder.

Something I was previously unaware of but feel strongly about: shark may be in your food or body products! I have signed petitions against shark finning, but who knew there was so much more to it than that (obviously not me, feeling like a doofus over here). Check out this article for more details and for ideas on how to shop smart and take action.

I think I’d like to visit this rainbow village in Taiwan.

Looks like I’ll be adding this lightning bug experience in the Smoky Mountains to my ever-expanding bucket list.

Always stressed? Here’s how your workouts may help or exacerbate the issue (and the resulting levels of cortisol).

In favor of filling your space with that which brings you joy.

In another life I would have gone to school to study cephalopod neurobiology. Thus, I find myself a smidgeon obsessed with them. To celebrate them in all their glory, here is a cephalopod extravaganzaaaaa!

Why scientists love cephalopods (and can ya blame them?!). <3

Finding new ways to see— what we can learn about intelligence and creativity from our friend the octopus.

Cephalopod week, at least as cool as shark week!