The Good Stuff: The Truth About Your Wasabi, My New Favorite Instagram Accounts, and The Awesome Women of Geoscience

Hello again and welcome to The Good Stuff. I hope the weather is warm and your windows are open. :)

A taxidermist I’d like to be friends with.

The amazing microscopy of trees.

Who was Marjorie Sweeting? (hint: the queen of karst) ((oh, and also one of my heroes)).

Zonia Baber: Another lady of geoscience and all around badass…

…And a third, Marie Tharp, who pioneered mapping the oceans.

Love dogs? Then you’d better check out NYC’s Museum of the Dog.

The fantastically creative world of Nina Katchadourian.

On awe.

Books spark joy (and why a person’s bookshelves are a great reflection of who they are).

Bookstores worth traveling for.

Did you know? Here’s why your “wasabi” probably isn’t.

These walls bring me so much joy.

What is “the IKEA effect”?

My new favorite instagram account. This guy brings me so much joy….

… okay This one too.

This mother-son duo are translating astrophysics into Blackfoot! It’s gloriously poetic and just fills me with all the feelings!

Take me to the chapel! :D

A rainwater collecting art installation dazzles like chandeliers in the trees.

aaaand some serious stuff:

This politically contentious southeast corner of Utah was protected for 11 months before becoming, quite suddenly, unprotected. This interactive article from the Washington Post makes a case for its preservation, despite the best efforts of the... Environmental Protection Agency? Hmm...

I know too many women who have had their pain or persistent symptoms dismissed (myself included) and it makes me rage! Here are some ways you can advocate for yourself if you feel like your doctors aren’t hearing you (sadly, it’s a thing).

Turmoil in Venezuela has put its national parks in peril.

More ways the Trump administration is sabotaging conservation efforts.

An eloquent article about white privilege.