The Good Stuff: Purple Tea, The Chicago Map Project, and the Most Pure Thing on the Internet

Spring is here! At long last. It’s still sweater-y weather, but the days are getting longer and I can feel that springy tilt to the angle of the sun, and all i can say is


Is spring burn-out a thing? Seriously. I need an extra hour (maybe two) in each day. Between work, grad school, a long distance relationship, and just life, my ability to do it all and balance it all with a positive attitude has been seriously challenged. A year ago when I was running Bert+Lou full time I would schedule these posts. I had a business timeline. Now I’m just wingin’ it when i get a free second. It bums me out a little, honestly, to not be able to commit as much to this web child of mine as I used to, but there’s still so much to be passionate about, so it will persist, albeit less frequently. On a sunny note, I appreciate all of you who have stuck with me through every season of life since the birth of B+L. Y’all give me the steam to keep on goin.

When green tea meets water from the Azores’ volcanic hot springs, an unexpectedly violet brew is born. Adding this to my wanderlust bucket list!

How does GPS technology affect our understanding of place?

Daily things to fall in love with.

The Folded Map Project bridges the distance between Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Do octopuses dream? It seems they might.

A little late in the game, but Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual letter really got me jazzed up. My favorite line: “There is nothing about putting your country first that requires turning your back on the rest of the world. If anything, the opposite is true.” -Melinda Gates

I’m seriously obsessed with this algorithmic infographic that visualizes US immigration as rings on a tree.

Want to get rich buying art? Invest in women artists.

A cartography of consciousness – researchers map where subjective feelings are located in the body.

A new illustrated database for women artists spans the 15th to 19th centuries… created right here in my hometown!

‘The Venn diagram of “female devotees of Dionysus who savagely tear apart Orpheus” and “parties I would love to attend” has an overlap of roughly 100%’ . I laughed out loud reading this article about mobs of women murdering men in western art history.

Unironically, I wasn't able to make it through this full article about reading in the age of distraction. Derrrp.

The highest village in the world has some seriously outstanding architecture.

These national parks wouldn’t exist without women!

This may be the most pure thing on the internet.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 9.02.44 PM.png

Stay Inspired!

XoXo - Britta