The Good Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to Shower Beer, Why Mister Rogers is Good For Your Health, and On Leading With Joy

It's almost the end of the summer. Holy hell how did that happen??!  The last two months have been the most insane, but all in good ways (okay, mostly). 

I accepted a new job with a super cool company. 


I start my grad classes THIS MONTH. 

I'm seriously adulting so hard, you guys. Someone get me a medal.

In case you were wondering why the Bert+Lou shop has been on a vacation, now you know!  I am still keeping it on a hiatus until I can get fully settled into my new digs, but when it reopens it's going to be better than ever (think slight revamp). Thanks for your patience, ya'll are the best :)

The myth (and truths) of finding your purpose

The 4-year old using his allowance to feed the homeless gives me hope in humanity. 

Abby Wambach FTW (her commencement speech went super viral, you've gotta see it).

Why Mister Rogers is good for your health

The definitive summer guide to shower beer

On leading with joy. 

Homebuyers would rather live close to their favorite coffee shop than family and, well.... relatable? 

What the heck is going on with the plastic straw ban??? Here are some thoughts. Oh, and here, too. Okay, and I'll admit I totally didn't even consider this

I'm definitely behind the mohair and angora ban.  Poor little buns. 

Realistic ways to go low waste and lower your carbon footprint (trust me). 

I've dug my heels in against 'goop' because I just can't deal with Gwenyth Paltrow (sorry not sorry), but they finally got me with this article on how we erroneously define our potential

This wall is an awesome monument to Tajikistan's great writers

Not to get ahead of myself or anything, but I would totally consider Romania as a honeymoon location

Super cool maps!!!

I'm a big supporter of STEM, but don't forget the humanities

A neat article on the problems with hypocognition

Below is one of my biggest girl crushes, Indrid Fetell Lee. I've followed her for probably close to a decade at this point from her bare bones blog The Aesthetics of Joy all the way to now with the release of her book.  Mad props to her and her success. She's a total beautiful badass.