The Good Stuff: Maps on Maps on Maps, an Aurora Named Steve, and Some Radically Unusual Caterpillars

It's not often that I sit down long enough to watch anything on TV and when I do it's usually just something quick on Netflix, but this week I got hooked on a new show called Abstract: The Art of Design (I can't recommend it enough!). The episode that really hooked me was about architect Bjarke Ingels and the work he's done, but the episode that made me have an absolute moment of joy featured Paula Scher, a graphic designer who also paints .....MAPS.  The inspiration I felt from her episode could not have come at a more perfect time as I wait to hear back about whether I got into the grad school I have applied for. I'm hoping to get in so I can get my Master's in GIS (geographic information systems) and then who knows! Maybe one day I'll be making maps, too!

Now, enjoy some good stuff to get you over the hump into the weekend!

Veinous Blood Red. Broccoli Brown. Smoke Grey.  The forgotten color language of 19th-century naturalists.  

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I just love that this book features an illustrated blob fish

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Some thoughts on work-life balance

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This article really sums up why I struggle with text messages (and other contextless forms of communication). 

Radically unusual caterpillars

I just discovered Tea.O.Graphy and I'm quite smitten with it. 

More reasons to get outside: What working in a dark office may do to your brain

A meteorite encrusted with diamonds. 

Eastern Europe's Walt Disney

The art of Kip Omolade is completely blowing my mind....

....Even more mind-blowing: this photo of a single atom

Sign me up for one of each of these après-ski cocktails (Lake Tahoe I'm looking at you!)

Awesome flora and fauna street art murals by Amok Island.

The coolest (and weirdest) things people have found tucked between the pages of books.

A-frame cabins, be still my heart. 

These women are breaking traveling stereotypes and setting world records.

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A pilgrimage to an ancient......penis monastery

This photographer is capturing the last remaining Muslim women with facial tattoos.

Amateur scientists discovered a new type of Aurora.  It's purple and they named it Steve.