The Good Stuff: Signs of Creative Resistance at The 2018 Women's March, Obama's Playlist, and All My Library Love

January is almost over.  Can I get an AMEN?!

I shouldn't complain because it has been a truly amazing month, but good grief I need winter to slow its roll.  The good news is I'm feeling the angles of the sun changing ever so slightly and the days getting ever so slightly longer and it makes me feel glad.  Spring will soon be on its way. Okay, maybe not that soon..... but let a girl be hopeful!

Now, BOOM. Good Stuff.  Read it. Love it. Share it. 

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Signs of creative resistance at the 2018 Women's March.

It's long past Christmas, but I couldn't help but include what happens when major architects design gingerbread houses

Obama's favorite tunes. 

Predict the new year with the Swedish tradition of årsgång.  

Then there is this glorious deep sea jelly

Must visit! This little town in New York has a population of fewer than 500 people, but (count 'em!) 5 indie books stores.

In defense of keeping arts in the schools:  What does learning look like? A well-tuned orchestra in your head! 

Building stronger communities through the arts

Oh heyyyyy! Pour me another matcha!  A study shows that tea drinkers may be more creative!

Who was Selma Burke? If you look at a dime, you can see a piece of her work! (hint: she was an outstanding African American sculptor whose work is usually mis-credited to white men). 

You might think an article about Ecuadoran fungi would be boring, but if you click through to check out the pictures (and you don't want to miss the video!), you would be sorely mistaken. The beauty boggles the mind. NEATURE! It's pretty neat! :D   --there's more where that came from! Check out my Nature Blowing My Mind pinboard here

My (not-so-hidden) inner goth kid LOVES this home in San Fran. 

I just followed this Insta account featuring itty bitty paintings on tea bags.

A hallway turned into a library. I am obsessed

The Inuit woman who survived the arctic alone.  Talk about Girl Power. 

The arsenic-laden "Shadows From The Walls Of Death" should not be touched without gloves. 

Cartography nerds, come explore the earliest known map of the world

Walking as creative fuel.