The Good Stuff: Write With Judy Bloom, Grandma Gladys, and Exotic Fiber Arts

Happy Friday Eve, friends! After a week or so of insane heat here in Chicagoland, it finally feels like fall, so I'm whipping out my sweaters and boots for a weekend trip to see my sister! 

Product Update:  You can find three new designs available now in my Society6 shop: a baby deer, a baby bunny, and a baby fox!  They're perfect for a baby's room, if I do say so myself.  Stay tuned for more new designs, and be sure to snatch up anything you like because I'm retiring older designs this weekend.

After a ton of not-so-good days and a lot of things going pretty badly, I'm riding a high from having an excellent day yesterday.  Fingers crossed my luck has changed for the better! 

Enough about me, though. What's good in your neck of the woods?? :)

A little spooky, but so cool! Stay at this subterranean backstuga (Swedish earth cabin), now available on Airbnb.

A compendium of epic mullets

I often wonder if I should have become an entomologist with how much I appreciate bugs (alas, I would really just like to get degrees for the rest of my life!).  I've got my eye on this book, and here are some of the most interesting bugs in the world.

If writing is your preferred way to practice self-care, you can now take a writing class taught by Judy Bloom! 

My own Grandma Gladys has been on my mind lately, so when I came across a different Grandma Gladys and her awesome birthday photo shoot (complete with a tutu and champagne), it made my heart feel really good.  I hope I'm still this joyful when I'm her age! 

Procrastination.  You know it.  I know it.  The struggle is real, and has been since ancient days when Socrates and Aristotle even developed a word for it - Akrasia. So why don't we do what we set out to do, anyway? 

Can we get more girls in STEM, please?? For some inspiration, here are 19 women leading math and physics

In memoriam: all the untouched food on The Bachelorette. RIP ::prayer hands::

A map that illustrates the correlation between neighborhood crime and tree canopy cover in Chicago. Yep! It's a thing!

My sweet cousin lives in NYC, and I've been meaning to make a trip out to her.  Now I for sure know I have to visit this cool bar when I do -- the walls are decorated with illustrations by the creator of the children's book Madeline! 

I <3 Fiber arts! I recognized a theme of multiple fiber art-related posts while I was compiling this, so I've clustered them together below:

Needle felted doughnuts and croissants, PEOPLE. Just like my tattoo, so I need them. 

This scientist/artist crochets suits for modern pigeons that resemble extinct exotic birds.

Needlepointing and nebulas (okay, supernovas to be specific). How Cecilia Payne applied celestial science into craft. 


As tribute to the recent solar eclipse, check out these stunning illustrations of celestial myths by ten of India's indigenous artists. 

What happens when you teach kindness in school?

Check out the ethereal lamp and book installations artist Rune Guneriussen has created in Norway's forests.

How rituals alter the brain to help you perform better. This explains why on days I don't follow my usual morning routine I never feel quite right.

Would you try stinky Swedish fermented canned fish surströmming? It's definitely not for the faint of heart (or stomach!), but I think I'd give it a (small) shot.

Why Millennials are filling their homes with plants. Oh heavens I'm definitely guilty of this!

How to teach girls they don't have to be nice.  This is something I really wish had been emphasized to me more growing up.  I still find myself worrying about upsetting others by merely being me, and even more sadly I still struggle with the idea that you don't have to be nice to someone who is being aggressive toward you. I've tolerated an forgiven a lot of bad behavior in my life, so here's to NOT BEING NICE.