The Good Stuff, Summer Vibes: Cephalopods Being Amazing, The Trance-like Way Some Whales Sleep, and A Sandwich to Beat All Sandwiches

Happy Monday, ya'll! It's feelin' like sum sum summah time and I'm excited to drop some news!  As a sweet treat to my valued readers, I decided to create a deal just for you (seriously, I'm only sharing the code here!).  New inventory launches this week, and if you use the code XMASINJULY you'll receive FREE shipping on any purchase of $20 or more.  This is a great time to stock up!  

Can you believe I'm already working on Holiday designs!? I hardly can. I've had "Mele Kalikimaka" playing on repeat to balance the warmth of summer with the task at hand (which of course inspired a tropical holiday line this time around)!  I'll have those available come late August, so all my wholesalers, keep a look out! I'll be messaging you soon! :D

But enough about the holidays...

Here's the usual round up of The Good Stuff, just in time to kick off your week:

Just another reason cephalopods are the coolest

Over 25 years ago, diver Hiroyuki Arakawa had built a shrine at the bottom of the ocean and when he went to check on it, he noticed a giant fish lurking around the gate who was injured. She wasn’t moving or eating, so the diver went down to check her out. He fed her crabs for ten days and since that very day, they’ve been underwater friends. And it's adorable. 

Even more cool ocean stuff: the way sperm whales sleep.

Disney's first African American artist was forced into retirement in 2001. At 81-years-strong, he's still creating.

A field of lavender nourished by Trump's tweets. 

The five types of rest every creative should adopt. 

This new pigment was accidentally discovered in a lab and IT. IS. STUNNING. 

Ten famous book hoarders

How do you define success

The murky, mutable science of color. 

Two words: Donut. Sandwiches

9 self-protection strategies for empaths. 

A very artistic stag beetle. (This bug for sure has more social media followers than I do!)

The power of small wins. 

Going camping? Here's a list of wild edible plants!

The power of bread. Seriously! 

The power and complexity of children's art.