The Good Stuff: What Makes Plants Happy, The Best 404 Error Pages, and Totally Appealing Vegetarian Camping Meals

Hey ya'll! It's been too long! Get ready for a ton of updates, new products, and of course links to all the latest Good Stuff! I'm baaack!


Dead in Chicago... morbid but cool.

If you'e in Denmark be sure to check out these giant trolls hidden throughout Copenhagen

Does this video totally make you want to go to Iceland or what?!

One thousand trees were planted in a Norwegian forest to be used to make paper for books set to be printed a hundred years from now. 

Shining a light on the positive impact immigrants have on the world.

The psychological importance of wasting time.

Reading Rainbow fans rejoice: LeVar Burton has a new podcast where he reads short stories to adults. 

Cool Insta to check out: Sofas Of L.A. 

How tea helped in the fight for women's rights. 

Must visit! This rainbow village in Indonesia. 

Understanding what makes plants happy

A marshmallow cafe is coming to Chicagooooo!

This kickass 100 year old woman is keeping a tattooing tradition alive in the Philippines.  

An ocean of 4.5 million blue flowers blooms across a Japanese park.

The best creative 404 error pages!

Why you should seek out strangers

Buy this coffee, support rescue dogs. 

The Harvard library that protects the world's rarest colors

Vegetarian camping meals

Jose Cuervo and Fender teamed up to create a Stratocaster out of agave and it is glorious.