The Good Stuff: Tea in a Time of War, About the Iraqi Greeting "Shaku Maku", and The Art of Enough

Hidey ho, neighbors! How is spring treating you so far?  It's rainy as all heck here...but I guess that's to be expected... le sigh...

Rainy days aside, life is damn good in my neck of the woods.  I'm starting to plan out my summer to-do list and looking forward to Chicago's Lit Fest (it's my birthday weekend!), time with friends, cocktails on the patio, planning my sister's baby shower (eek!) and even a little vaycay or two. Do you have anything planned for the summer (or to my Aussie readers, the winter!)? Send those ideas my way and maybe you'll be featured in a super summer extravaganza post!

Happy Humpday!  Here's hoping the rest of your week is spectacular!

Something about this picture really hit me hard.

'What Is Everything and Nothing?'
"Shaku maku" is the Iraqi equivalent to "What's up?" It roughly translates to the paradoxical question above. But it's so much more than a greeting. The riddle at the heart of shaku maku seems to sum up the contradictions of the modern Iraqi experience.

40 reasons why the future is definitely female. 

Prepare to be astounded: some of the world's best tea grows right on this mountainous peak. 

I love horoscope-y things, but I read them all with a healthy filter of reality. My horoscope here was weirdly on point, however.  (I'm a gemini, in case you're curious). 

43 self-care practices for the highly sensitive person. 

Squad Goals: these elderly nuns adopted a pit bull and it's adorable. 

Well, science proves it: cats are nice

A little incentive to take that nap

Swedish artist Maja Säfström has one of my favorite Instagram accounts, so of course I'm excited about her newly released (and hilarious) book!

Weather for the blind. Seriously SO. COOL. 

What is a seeker?

This is definitely one of the coolest barns in America

The arial view of this farm is a lovely lavender mandala

This Russian forest is full of dancing trees. 

Ethnomusicology and Disney movies. 

Would you try a black ice cream cone? (Count me in!)

A little belated for Earth Day, but still relevant! -- How our diets impact the earth

The art of enough

I'm adding this art-fueled road trip through Southern California to my bucket list!