The Good Stuff: A Japanese Train Station Built Around a Tree, MoMA Supports Muslim Artists, and Ways to Support Public Schools

An interview with one of my favorite humans on social media.

Kayashima: a train station built around a 700-year old camphor tree. 

Going off the grid seems preeeetty appealing as of late.  It wouldn't take much convincing for me to move to one of these cool Earthships.

In an unprecedented gesture, MoMA has replaced works in its permanent collection galleries with eight by artists from Muslim-majority nations named in Trump’s executive order.  #respect

President Barack Obama’s chief photographer Pete Souza has been posting some powerful images on Instagram to mark the end of the Obama presidency.

A list of the drinks Starbucks baristas make for themselves.  The Toffeedoodle frapp has my name all over it.

A recipe for Samoa girl scout cookie inspired oatmeal.

This past week, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as America's new Secretary of Education — "despite having never gone to public school, having never sent her children to public school, having never worked in education, not having a degree in education, not being aware of the most prominent issues in public education curriculum, and claiming that guns should be allowed in schools to defend kids against grizzly bears (seriously) She won’t say whether she will uphold the Title IX guidances protecting student sexual assault survivors. She doesn’t support public schools. She wouldn’t give a straight answer when asked if she would uphold the policies protecting students from corrupt for-profit colleges. Her education mission is to “advance God’s Kingdom” — she said it herself."  So here are some ways that YOU can support public education.