Boss Babes

I'm honestly a little surprised Instagram hasn't put a cap on the accounts I follow yet.  I get on following sprees and I just can't help myself!  My most recent trip down the Instagram rabbit hole consisted of accounts that make me feel like the most boss babe ever.  Some are career-oriented, others are full on GRL PWR, but all offer daily doses of wisdom and positivity (something which can seem really hard to come by these days!).  The thing I love about Instagram is that I can choose to surround myself with beauty and creative vision and not have to bear witness to all the crazy that is taking place on my other social media channels.  Sometimes a girl just really needs some joy and pictures of nicely styled coffee cups!  Am I right or am I right?!

*click through pictures to see each account*

Boss Ladies Mag

Career Contessa

Business Chicks

Girls Building Empires

Lean In

Create & Cultivate

The Wing

The WW Club

Levo League

Have a super weekend! <3