The Good Stuff: A Rug Made Of Cat Hair, Dancing Dads, and A Crazy Cool Cave Discovery

Hi ya'll.  How was your weekend?  Lovely, I hope!

I've had a super cool project in the works over the last month or two, and it's finally time to announce it!  The awesome Lion and Swan Collective will be releasing a new goodie box featuring some cards by yours truly.  :D 

Ta da!!!

Swing by the Lion and Swan website to pick up your own box, and stay tuned here for more details in the weeks to come!


Abstract, a new Netflix series, takes a look inside the minds of some of the world's most innovative designers

Welsh tea plantations in Patagonia: preserving language, culture, and a lipstick-stained teacup.

Check out these hilarious and uniquely Danish commercials. 

16 cozy reading nooks

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, the Philadelphia Dance Center invited mothers and fathers to attend ballet class with their daughters and they captured amazing footage of the loving dads dancing their hearts out. 

A little good news: it turns out marine ecosystems are handling climate change pretty well, actually!

In response to Trump's travel ban, Wellesley's Davis museum is removing all art made or donated by immigrants.  

Possibly the oldest in the world, this rug was woven entirely out of cat hair....and once contained a mummified human foot!

My newest travel bucket list addition: this dog sanctuary in Costa Rica

Super life! These 50,000 year old microbes were found living in the famous Cave of the Crystals.  Seriously, so cool!

Florence Williams on the restorative power of nature

The science of creativity. 

What's a mackerel sky?? (and other meteorological coolness).

This artist painstakingly creates gorgeous ceramic succulents and flowers.

Street kintsugi: Rachel Sussman repairs the cracks in the road with gold. 

Of course Norway is leading the way toward the future of snowmaking

What makes America great

Who knew the history of the phrase "Da Kine" was so involved!?  Pidgin, Creole, and a whole lotta linguistics!

This is your brain on coffee

I frequently refer to my favorite food as my "death row meal", but this artist went one step further and actually photographed the exact last meal requests of Death Row inmates.  I found it morbidly fascinating. 

How tea made water safe

Kahlil Gibran on why artists make art