The Good Stuff: Good Cards for Bad Days, A Disappearing Chinese Language, and Libraries as Sanctuaries

It's been a glorious weekend so far in my neck of the woods -- 65 degrees in February!! I know this is actually just global warming prepping us for total annihilation, but it sure is a comfortable way to prepare for the demise of the planet! :P

I had my breakfast tea on the balcony, read outside a little, and took an unexpected errand detour because of all the amazing President's day deals going on at the outdoor mall near me.  I even picked up a drink I reserve for summery days--an iced chai!  Woo!  Today was just so beautiful that the phrase "it's a great day to have a great day" kept swirling around in my head.  Who cares if that makes me a nerd! It was truly lovely.

How's it been by you?

This photojournalist chronicled an invasion of tumbleweeds.

These babes make up the first Middle Eastern all-female roller derby team, and they are breaking all the stereotypes

Don't know what to say when someone is going through hard stuff? These good cards for bad times may help.

I recently followed a new slew of travel blogs so I can live vicariously through their authors.  This hilarious triptionary and Thai Language guide are serious highlights. 

This funky flashback features the nightmare that was his and hers fashions. Similarly, the weird world of kitschy Christian vinyls

Squirrel party!

I'd be interested in finding an initiative like this in my community (or create one!) Reaching out to refugees, one dinner at a time

America the beautiful: a list of each state's splendid libraries.

A late Valentine's Day post: the animal kingdom's weirdest hearts. Neature. It's pretty NEAT.

Camping in Yurts sounds right up my alley.

No need to squirm, these spiders are seriously cool! 

How LEGO built a social media platform for kids -- and it's totally not creepy!

Nüshu, the disappearing 19th-Century Chinese script only women could write.

Libraries as sanctuaries

I am simply smitten with these fun and thought provoking questions that help you get to know someone a little deeper. 

So dreamy: a Sardinian guesthouse in the trees

This little girl is keeping a Mongolian tradition alive