What I'm Reading: The Good Stuff

The title for these "What I'm Reading" posts bores me.  I need a new way to caption these posts!  I'm considering changing it to "The Good Stuff", but of course I'm open to suggestions!

This year has been an absolute whirlwind. My dear pet rabbit died. My dear old friend was murdered. I got a new day job (eek!).  I've been adulting so hard the blog kindof went by the wayside.  But have no fear, I've still been gathering up the good stuff for ya (see what I did there?).  Below are some of my favorite reads and links from across the interwebs since I saw you last.  Love ya'll, and I hope your new year is going splendidly  :*


Velociraptor bellhops? Count me in on a visit to this hotel in Japan!

A sweet little reminder, and not just for writers: remember your silent readers.

The totally screwed up history behind Sweden's lördagsgodis, or candy Saturday.

Yes, tip #3 !

If you'e getting antsy for a little early spring cleaning, here are some ideas to achieve peace and harmony within your home. 

The Island in a Lake on an Island in a Lake on an Island.  

I'm trying to get back into listening to podcasts.  Are there any that you particularly like or recommend?  I recently subscribed to Side Hustle School and Hidden Brain.  Now I just need to get caught up! 

This artist mastered a new knot each day for a year. 

Get daily affirmations and encouragement toward achieving goals to your phone!

This video might make you want to give out compliments more often! (also here!)

Why hyper-productivity is ruining our lives.

A short poem about winter trees

What does how you cut your toast say about you? Looks like I'm a minimalist or first-day-of-schooler. :P

Why you don't need a "career-path" to get ahead.

Something exciting recently washed up on a German beach and the local mayor let the kids go wild.

This geodesic dome in Norway's arctic circle has DREAM HOME written all over it