The Good Stuff: Bill Nye Works it on the Runway, A Super Bowl Snack, and The Virtues of Cinnamon Toast

Happy Sunday, fam.  Any Super Bowl plans? I'll be half-watching (okay mostly just the commercials), half working.  Valentine orders are pouring in and I'm working overtime to get them all wrapped and shipped!  Even though this is the first time in 6 years (!) that I will be my own Valentine, I still adore the holiday.  :)  What better excuse to treat yourself?!   #galentinesday / #valentinesday all the way <3  !

I love cooking with turmeric and I'll never pass up a good golden milk, but what's all the hubub about with the spice, anyway?

You will never, ever, find the cats in these photos (unless of course you cheat).

How do pets build community??

The inventor of the iconic Pringles can had one very specific wish: upon his death, he requested to be buried in one

15 stunning libraries from around the world

This lady created a killer archive of vintage wallpaper

De Poezenboot: a floating cat sanctuary in Amsterdam. 

The geography of literature

Artist and illustrator Ruby Elliot's new book is a heartwarming, hilarious, and gorgeously artistic depiction of mental health.

A sweetly charming article (and recipe!) on the virtues of cinnamon toast

Bill Nye is, and always will be, BAE <3

As usual, I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon.  But this past week I finally followed J.K. Rowling on Twitter because she BURNS SOCIAL MEDIA TROLLS LIKE A GODDAMN WIZARD.

A 600 year-old statue of the Buddha has emerged from a lake in China. 

These waffle-crusted chicken tenders would make an awfully good addition to your Super Bowl spread, if I do say so myself.

This sloth had the Best. Day. Ever.