What I'm Reading: Arbejdsglæde, a Haunting Impromptu Icelandic Hymn, and an Awesome Halloween Costume Idea

Heywhatsuphello. Just a quick check in today.  I've hooked myself up to an IV of caffeine to tackle all the projects I've got on my pre-holiday to-do list. Now that I'm an official wholesaler, my holiday outreach is going to be bigger than ever, so I've got to make sure stock is ample, gifts are present, and the whole deal comes together in a clean and concise online layout.  And I'm doing it all myself! Yikes!  

You can find the usual weekly links below.  Have a happy long weekend, and be sure to swing by the shop for all your Halloween/Thanksgiving/winter holiday cards and gifts!

Allow yourself to become immersed in this video of an impromptu medieval Icelandic hymn

Scientists have unearthed a very voluptuous neolithic female statue in Turkey. 

Wow. This article really resonated with me.

The Samurai: kicking ass and drinking tea

Hey! It's National Arts and Humanities Month!  Are you contributing?

Americans are reading less literature than ever. A recent study divided statistics on adult reading habits by state, and Texans came in as low as 37.5%. Come on, America. Let's turn that around!

Halloween is coming up--do you have your costume ready? In case you're feeling extra daring, here's a totally rad costume I've picked out for you!

A brief history of fore-edge book paintings.

Did you know that Hallmark owns tons of priceless art

I just learned about the Scandinavian term "Arbejdsglæde" and am in love! I'm thinking of applying it to Bert&Lou somehow soon.  So what the heck is it?

Taco Bell is totally winning with this 404 error message gif.