What I'm Reading: PSL Extravaganza, Healing Broken Ceramics with Gold, and The World Nomad Game

Hey babes.  Is it starting to feel like autumn yet near you? It was for a day or two here (I totally relished it), and then it rocketed back up into the triple digits. I won't complain, though.  Come winter I'll be moaning endlessly and wishing it were warm again.  Besides, it's not even officially fall yet, so I can wait. 

It is the time of year to get cracking on holiday designs, however!  I've been a busy little girl over here, cranking out designs left and right.  I've got some new stuff up in my Society6 shop, too.  Keep your eyes peeled for some more new stuff in both of my shops, I've got a ton of new goodies in the works.

Below are some of my Friday faves, all good stuff I've been reading this week:

What's the meaning behind this bright pink yarn-bombed house in Finland?

Check out this podcast on jellyfish.  It's really cool, trust me! And did you know that peeing on a jellyfish sting could actually cause more harm than good? Now you do!

Salvador Dali once created illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and they are as wild as you would think.

It's a little lengthy, but this article on how to be a person according to Ask Polly columnist Heather Havrilesky really resonated with me.  The part about being Beyonce-level productive was so relatable, am I right?

Are you like me and desperately want to love the infamous PSL, but just can't?? Well, now I can at least partially satisfy my basic white girl desire for Pumpkin Spice with this cute little highlighter/bronzey/shadow majobber, and so can you!  (not a paid advert, FYI). Oh and here are some tasty, equally cozy, drink alternatives. 

Kintsugi is a Japanese craft tradition wherein repairing broken objects using gold leaf one also beautifies them. By accentuating the break rather than hiding it, kintsugi honors the history of the object, a concept I am so smitten with and can totally apply to life. Of course I am all over this video on how to repair your own broken ceramics with a modern version of the ancient technique. 

Does this article equate pumpkin spice lattes to God?

Watch 1,000 Kyrgyz musicians play their native instrument, the Komuz, at the World Nomad Games.  I'm hypnotized.