What I'm Reading: The Physiological Experience of Color, The Impact of Urban Environments on Mental Health, and A Runaway Moon

Big stuff this week you guys.  Guess who is now officially a listed artist on Etsy Wholesale.  This girl.  Check out my spankin' new Linesheet and spread the word to your favorite brick and mortars and soon maybe you'll be seeing Bert+Lou products in a store near you! 

I've got plenty of cool links to keep you busy, so read up and have a happy weekend!

Artist Liz West wants you to walk through a world of color at her new exhibit at the Bristol Biennial. West had the human relationship to color in mind as she designed this installation and has noticed that after the audience walks through the entire installation they will often return to the color that they like the most "pausing a moment to absorb their favorite shade." It's color therapy! 

Science of Us asked "how do you explain color to someone without sight?" How would you explain indigo? Tangerine? Ochre??  A user on li.st has an amazing answer. She recounts how her friends described color to her using feelings, sensations, and experiences that don't require sight. One description that really stands out is for the color green, "I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color." What a beautiful reminder that color is not just what meets the eye, but is also a full sensory experience with deeply intertwined emotional connotations.

Speaking of color and emotion, head over to Brain Pickings where they dive into some color theory from German poet/artist Goethe. Writing about all the colors in the spectrum, Goethe explores the psychological impact color has on moods and emotions. Not totally scientific, but still resounding, full of imagery, and beautiful to read. Check it out for yourself! 

"Light and darkness, brightness and obscurity, or if a more general expression is preferred, light and its absence, are necessary to the production of color… Color itself is a degree of darkness."  -Goethe

I can totally apply that quote above to living life.  While life is colorful, without the darkness that we sometimes experience the colors would not be as vivid or impactful, which makes them all the more amazing.

Get lost in this video from the web series Macro Room.  In it they capture close-up views of the beautiful beads of color that arise when items such as milk, oil, soap and paint are mixed together.

As an introvert myself, I am already keenly aware that an introvert's guide to networking revolves a lot around our ability to listen.

What's the deal with the latest hysteria around freaky ass clowns ?

A beautifully illustrated book about the sound of silence and listening to one's inner voice over the din of modern life. 

I am absolutely obsessed with Elizabeth Condon's newest series of abstract art.  It's splashy, vibrant, floral, energetic, and I want them all!

Does city living impact one's mental health? Having lived in (and recently escaped) the city, I think YES.  I always felt so claustrophobic yet simultaneously lonely living in Chicago, and missed things I've always taken for granted like smiling at people you pass on the street (for the record, don't do that in the city--you will be followed and harassed.  And they might ask to braid your hair.  Lesson learned).  There's an electric energy that exists living within a big city and as a quiet-loving person, I often felt too overwhelmed by it.  Unfortunately it negatively affected my own psychological wellbeing, as well as the health of many of my relationships, and for this I still find myself mourning what could have been if only I had "handled city living" better.  

An interesting bit of email etiquette

I have been a loyal follower of Ingrid Fetell Lee's blog, Aesthetics of Joy, for years.  She has such a beautiful way of seeing the world and her posts continue to keep me inspired.  Her most recent article was no different, but I found it especially shareable.  What do you think?  I'm thinking I'll start applying it to my own dinner table conversations!

A huge inflatable moon broke free and ran rampant throughout Fuzhou, China during their traditional Mid-Autumn Festival!

Wow.  I am in love with the emotion this solitary statue evokes.

Disney does it again. I am so excited for their newest movie, Moana, where the princess is also the hero! Two of my favorite illustrators worked on it, too!

I never got to visit Zhangjiajie when I was in China, but it's definitely on my wanderlust bucket list!

Check out the commune in Ethiopia where feminism is the law.