What I'm Reading - An Interview With Dave Eggers, an American Strong Woman, and the Scariest Bridge in the World.

I'm coming to the not-so-realization that I read a TON. And I love sharing it.  And I love using this blog as a platform to share it.  But these titles are getting boring! I need some pizazz!  So I'm opening it up to all my readers to submit suggestions for a new way to head these posts.  I'm throwing SEO to the wind for the time being and just want to make it as truly authentic and awesome as I can.  So, what do you think?  I'd like to have a main category where I can add a highlight from the post after it like this:

"Bert&Lou Links: a snazzy sneak-peak into the article"

Help you guys! I'm feeling stumped!


Now without further ado, on with the inspiration!


Quiet Revolution and The art and craft of quiet creativity.  

"Is seeing a powerful portrait truly witnessing the unfolding of the inner self in front of a lens? Or do viewers also project their interpretations onto, and in this case, anthropomorphize, the images?" (-May-Ying Lam). Decide for yourself with these gloriously artistic portraits of sheep and goats.  

There is something that draws me to these cheeky, cute yet kinda weird sky-diving sculptures .  

More worrisome than Zika is this item that's missing from the Olympic Village.  

Patrick Commecy is transforming blank building facades in France with charmingly realistic murals.

Are you in or are you out? I'm really not sure if I'd be brave enough to try this glass skywalk in China!

With the title "The Architect Who Became a Diamond", I couldn't help but read this!

Find Your Flow: Diane Ackerman on the evolutionary and existential purpose of deep play

As a self-proclaimed book-lover, I would be devastated if I lost my dear tomes.  What role do books play in your life? Neil Gaiman explores why we read and what books do to the human experience. 

Mountains and tea are two of my favorite things, so perhaps it's no surprise that they are intimately connected. 

Looks like I'll be adding some more rooftop bars to my bucket list! :D

The photography from this article on Southwestern China is so beautiful, it really makes me want to travel back there again.

Oh HECK yea.  This female olympian just set a new weightlifting record! YOU GO GIRL.

Summery art I am feeling  especially  inspired by right now!    left ,  center ,  right

Summery art I am feeling especially inspired by right now! 

left, center, right