What I'm Reading: A Ton of Art, PSL's Yearly Debut, and More Reasons Iceland Is the Coolest

Hello my loves. Happy first weekend of September!  Well, of course I jinxed my good news from last week by talking about it. Ugg!  I've spent the week feeling bad for myself and picking up the pieces.  Alas, life is never easy, but I'm not letting this set-back slow me down. #goaldigger

I've got some good stuff for you this week, and a ton of art inspo.   I'm also on an Etsy artists rampage lately, so keep your eyes pealed for a new Great Makers post, a new DIY, and an informative post for creative business owners.  Don't forget to sign up for email updates, and you'll get all the good stuff delivered right to your inbox.  Easy, schmeazy! 

To all you pumpkinheads out there, today is the first day you can get a PSL at Starbucks. Are you totally celebrating?! Just enter your email here and get early access to the cult favorite coffee bev. (I'm not a big fan because it's so stinkin sweet, but I am pretty amped about the new Chili Mocha that they're releasing!)

Art extravaganza!!! Giant root sculptures, dreamy bookish illustrations, and glorious vintage pressed glass sculptures

Enjoy one-of-a-kind donuts at Pike's Peak Summit House,  just one of the recommended 17 hidden places within America's National Parks and forests.

Rivaling my own small farm, this is probably in the runnings for best rescue family ever.

What National Food Holiday aligns with your birthday? I don't think it's any coincidence that my birthday is also National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day! :P

One of my favorite things (and the primary source of personal criticism from my art advisor in college) is unfinished art.  Where I would leave a background fuzzy or blank or a figure not entirely filled in, he would demand utter completion.  Where many prefer detailed portraits, I like things left undone, with a little mystery.  There is an energy to "unfinished" art, a glimpse into its creation that I find so inspiring, so imagine my joy when I learned that there is now a museum dedicated to unfinished art

Can music help you heal faster and live longer? 

When Ed Galloway, an art teacher, retired, he started his retirement project: a 90-foot-tall totem pole rising from the back of a big blue turtle

11 essential ways to practice self-care. I'm totes on board for naps and tea routines.

Looking for something new to read? Tired of playing on your phone during your daily commute?  The Australian organization Books On The Rail is encouraging people to leave books behind on public transportation for others to read. How great is that?!

If you're still looking for a good read,  check out the Subway Book Review for books suggested by strangers. Conceived of by Uli Beutter Cohen, the Subway Book Review offers a personal and intimate window into why people read what they read.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just draw a map instead of an address and be certain that your mail would be received?? It happened recently in Iceland. After visiting a charming farm on vacation, a guest wanted to send a letter but couldn't remember the exact address. Instead, they drew a detailed map and offered all the info they could: “Iceland. Búðardalur. A horse farm with an Icelandic/Danish couple and three kids and a lot of sheep!” This letter was determined to be delivered and the postal worker went above and beyond to make sure that happened. Iceland rules. 

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