What I'm Reading: Art For Dogs, Summer Drinks, and Seeing Thoughts As They Happen

Happy Friday!  It's been a busy week over here.  I've got some big stuff (I'm talking BIG) up in the air right now, so send me all your best vibes!  I don't want to jinx it, so it's still top secret...for now..... But send me those vibes anyway! 

Since publishing my recent post about how to build a client base when first starting your creative business, I've received a ton of great feedback and questions.  Keep 'em coming!  I'll have more informative posts comin' atchya soon!

Now, here are my Friday Faves:

Studies show sleep literally cleans your brain. As the queen of naps, I can really get behind this research. And here's the proof that poor sleep is even more detrimental to your health if you're a woman.

Don't know who Lauren Wasser is? You should. 

A contemporary art exhibit for dogs

The importance of building your own Bliss Station.

Check out these outrageously intricate paper-cut designs. My fingers hurt just looking at them! 

This clip is worth watching in its entirety: Simon Sinek talks about the importance of WHY we do things.

You can now find and enjoy poetry throughout Michigan's national parks. Who's down for a road trip?

What your personality says about your happy place.

Can you find the hidden dog in each of these log cabin photos? It's too darn cute!

Cool site-specific street art by Polish artist Ernest Zacharevic. 

Smoky the bear ain't got nothin on these creepy old forest mascots!

Oh my gosh cool cool COOL! Scientists can now see thoughts as the brain creates them! Neuroscience I LOVE YOUUUUU!

If I learned anything from my time in China, it's that they love rocks shaped like food.  Just kidding, I learned way more than that. But that's a big one. :P

Did somebody say cocktail hour??? Summer's starting to feel like it's on its way out, but there's still time to try these summery cocktails. I mean, come on. If warm weather doesn't call for enjoying a tasty bev on the patio or rooftop, what DOES it call for?!  Booze-free options are also on the list.  I'm lookin' at you, Watermelon Hibiscus Agua Fresca!