What I'm Reading: Snoop Dogg, Harry Potter, & The Sounds of The Wilderness

Hey ya'll!  Have you been watching the Rio 2016 Olympics? I definitely have!!! I have been literally (okay not literally) attached to the tv since they started (and that is remarkable because I rarely watch tv). Normally I'm a winter Olympics gal, but this time around I am obsessed with the the summer Olympics (and I am totally an expert now and could totally nail an Arabian Double Front).  I'm cheering for all these women who are winning medals...and so many are African American women and I'm like "Yea! Go GIRL!!".  I'm totally fangirling Laurie Hernandez who is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen, I'm admiring the "scenery" in men's diving, and who wouldn't be pumped up watching Katie Ledecky KILLING IT?!  Tune in if you haven't already...there is so much history being made!

I've rounded up the usual required reading, and there's a strong emphasis on the sciences this time around.  I hope you're enjoying your August and soaking up these last summer days because September and autumn will be upon us sooner than we all realize!  Not that that's a bad thing....

Now read up and enjoy!


Well, my life is now complete:  Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are going to be hosting a cooking show together.  My TiVo is already booked.

It seems lately I'm really drawn toward collections of portraits:

Senior Dogs across America

Oaxaca indigenous communities

* Jimmy Nelson's lessons from tribes across the world

Could reading help you live longer??!

The hustle is real.  Celebrities tweet their #firstsevenjobs to prove that the path to success is rarely a straight line. I jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted my own #first7jobs, although they are remarkably less interesting than, say, those of Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Why it matters that snails are going extinct.

More in science: Human chimeras, just one of the many things that blow my mind.

Put your headphones on and enjoy the many soundscapes of The Great Animal Orchestra. Which is your favorite? I think mine is the Pacific Rim. 

If you've got the time, this article is a fascinating read. It's about mental health, free will (and if it actually exists) and your microbiome (the microbes that live in your gut!).  It's so well written, here's my favorite little snippet: 

Even when we are alone, we are never alone. We exist in symbiosis — a wonderful term that refers to different organisms living together. Some animals are colonised by microbes while they are still unfertilised eggs; others pick up their first partners at the moment of birth. We then proceed through our lives in their presence. When we eat, so do they. When we travel, they come along. When we die, they consume us. Every one of us is a zoo in our own right — a colony enclosed within a single body. A multi-species collective. An entire world.

Hey nerds! (I tease, I tease...) here are 15 Harry Potter destinations you can visit in real life!

In need of some new art for your walls?  Pick up this print by yours truly! #supporttheartists 

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