What I'm Reading

Hello dear friends and welcome to August.  I know I'm not usually a huge celebrity news follower, but since it's been so dang hot I've found myself chillin' in the AC and not out and about as much as usual....I'm sure you can relate.  And man, between Orlando Bloom's special paddle boarding experience to JoJo choosing the worst possible candidate, it's been a crazy week.  I'll be honest, though, I'm ready to turn off the tube and get back outside, like, immediately.

Here are a few lovely links to get you through your Friday and into the weekend.  


A fascinatingly new perspective on the question "Where are you from?": On location and identity.

An interview with the brilliant Dave Eggers on animals, literature and why he will always be an artist. 

10 books out in August to extend your summer reading list. 

I'm in love with these art history emojis!! Frida Kahlo?! Basquiat?!!  Pretty please, can we make them a real thing?! 

If you follow me on pinterest, you might have recognized I have a weird attraction to flower heads, so of course I love these old Ukrainian wedding crowns.  How glorious and intricate! 

Thank you to this guy who made a music video dedicated to his love of that bubbly beverage, LaCroix.  He summed it all up with sass and pizazz.  I can't stop singing it now!!  I'm cracking up! 

In celebrity news, you may have heard that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were looking presh having a quiet and lovely getaway on an Italian beach — snuggling, relaxing, putting sunscreen on each other, paddle boarding — the works. It all seemed low-key until the New York Daily News published a series of photos in which Orlando decided to lose the swim trunks. While paddle boarding. With Katy sitting on the front of the paddle board just sippin’ away on a cold vaycay beer. And now the Internet has lost its mind. While the naked photos of Orlando were censored with *tasteful* black bars, many immediately pointed out that the, ahem, shadow, was not. Do a quick Twitter search for “Orlando Bloom shadow” to get an idea of just how far people are taking the jokes — you won’t be sorry. (At least he’s gonna even out his tan nicely.)

I'm whipping up a pitcher of this strawberry peach summer sangria ASAP!