What I'm Reading

Okay, personal moment:

The last few weeks have been hard.  Really hard.  My life has gone and turned upside down in so many different ways and I've been left feeling like an absolute failure.  I'm struggling to find my way again after a total derailment.  The good news is that while my head is all over the place, I'm still finding plenty that brings me joy, including the links below.  In this time of tumult and uncertainty, I'm glad I can still find beauty in the world...and that's part of the essence of me that I'm so glad has remained: an ability to always find inspiration, even when a dark cloud hangs over so much.


I'm adding each of the world's most glorious waterfalls to my bucket list!

The kid in me loves carnivals (okay, mainly for the cotton candy and funnel cakes and lemon shake-ups), but these incredible balloon animals take it to a whole new level.

I am head over heels smitten with the work of this photographer.

I'm definitely NOT on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, but this article about discovering an appreciation for where you live through the app really speaks to the cultural geographer I trained to be.

The Scandinavian artists are at it again and I'm OBSESSING. 

I really lovely little read by Anna Quindlen on a short guide to a happy life.

Do you ever experience this physical phenomena from art or music? I do!

In case you didn't already know how cool the Notorious RBG is, here's a brief run-down on Ruth Bader Ginsberg in all of her awesomeness.

I'm always adding to and cultivating my array of art.  I'm totally using this guide Domino recently posted about how to start an art collection from scratch for more ideas and styling tips.  In my opinion, a home full of art is a home full of personality.