I'm Obsessed: Crazy Awesome Cakes, or Why I'm Moving to Australia.

If I love anything, it's CAKE.  Seriously, so much cake....

I have an entire pinboard devoted to JUST cake. 

They're just so beautiful and have so much potential for cool artsyness....and they're delicious!

....and now all of a sudden all these outrageous cakes are showing up in my life and I need every single one of them!  

I follow these marvelous bakeries on the INSTA (all links are listed below) and I seriously ogle all the creations that come out of these magical places.  They're like the Disneylands of cake design! They're like if a unicorn and cake had a baby!  For some reason (that remains unknown to me and I can only hypothesize that Australia is just way more awesome), practically ALL the bakeries are in the Land of Oz!  Which stinks, because that means they're difficult for me to visit!  Come on, America! Get your act together! 

In the meantime, while I wait for the U.S. to catch up and provide me with some equally amazing cake-porn, I'll continue hungrily following these gems and daydreaming about all the parties and soirées and birthdays I would pair these cakes with!

Heaven must look a lot like those bakeries.....!   :D


Speaking of crazy awesome...

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