What I'm Reading

Life's been crazy the last few weeks. I've been all over the place, visiting my Mom, attending my Dad's wedding, visiting my sister for my birthday, meeting girlfriends for a quick girls' trip...I've got a ton going on and while I love it, I'm also excited for things to slow down.  I've been rounding up these links for a few weeks but have just been too busy to post them all together! I hope you enjoy! :)

I love these photos of Google Earth's trippy glitches. 

A really good article that breaks down the different types of fat and proves that fat is not necessarily bad--an argument I'm always trying to make!

Due to my affinity for collecting mugs and teaware, I'm pretty sure the Dude imagines our house someday looking like this cabin....I wouldn't be sad about it though!

I'm smitten with a Swedish Modernist's creative reimaginings of fairy tales

A glorious collection of accidental beauty:  flowers out of pencil shavings

What I wouldn't give to visit the caves at Lascaux or these newly discovered cave paintings

Do you need a prescription for gardening? I self-prescribed myself one!

I need to meet Esther the wonder pig!

Why "wellness" isn't the answer to overwork.  Seriously.  

Watch this hypnotizing video of a machine sorting river rocks by age.