Hey, It's National Letter-Writing Month!

Oy! It's almost halfway through April and I totally forgot, it's National Letter-Writing Month! :D

Even though I'm a little behind, I'm jumpin' on the bandwagon and setting myself a goal to write letters for the rest of the month!  I challenge you to take time this month to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence.  Give it a try!  You can write to family, friends, your favorite celebrities (cough, Jonathan Taylor Thomas), businesses you love… anyone you so desire.  If writing 30 letters seems intimidating, just write as many as you can (because let's get real, you're only human)!

*Here are some reasons to write. I'd love to hear what else you come up with!

Bonus! Since it's a special month, all cards and stationery goods are 10% off over on my etsy shop!  Just enter code APRIL10 and send those cards to your heart's content!  BOOM.