What I'm Reading

This is the first week in an entire month where I will be home for the whole thing.  I'm trying to settle myself back in and catch up on everything that went by the wayside with all the traveling I've been doing...back to the grind, as they say!  I will admit that while it gets rather addictive, the adrenaline (and stress!) of flying and exploring new places, it feels good to be back in my own nest with my fur babies and bed and to not be living out of a suitcase.  I'll just have to start dreaming up my next adventures! 

As usual, I'm reading a million things across the interwebs.  Here are a few of my pics for the most recent What I'm Reading:

You can't polish a turd, but apparently you can polish some dirt!

I have a thing for flower heads (check out my pinboard devoted to them here!).  These ceramic ones are so cool. 

You'll never believe this unique 25-year friendship!

Here's a playlist for the ultimate snacker or food enthusiast :D

Meet Patrick, the world's oldest wombat.

“The tongue could be a window to the psyche".  It turns out there may be a correlation between what you eat and how you act (so does that mean my sweet tooth makes me sweet as can be?! )

Tea is my favorite time of day, so of course I fell in love with these pictures of tea rituals from across the globe! 

Unfortunately, (or perhaps, fortunately?) I tend toward the melancholy, with a degree of depression always present or nearby.  This article really struck me because it sums up what I crave from the depths of my soul: time outside. walks with friends. space. sunshine....the concept of "rewilding" hit me because that's exactly why I crave a move out of this busy windy city to something more rural...a ranch or a cabin in the mountains.  I'm a simple girl, apparently, and more in tune with my hunter-gatherer roots than I'd realized!

An atlas of the world's lost cities

More brain stuff: an interesting bit on teaching men to be emotionally honest

Lose yourself in these hypnotic videos of paint, oil, milk, and liquid soap

Check in soon for my latest Bert+Lou Reads! (spoiler alert, the book above is included!)