What I'm Reading

I'm back from Keystone and already packing for my next trip later this week! I'm gonna need a serious breather on travel after this coming weekend!  


I like this week’s collection of posts because they are absolutely unconnected---kindof like catching up with a great friend when conversation is messy and disjointed because you are raking up memories filed away for this very moment. 'Did you hear about...', you start, as you unravel the story that's been waiting in the wings. And so begins your happy banter until neither has any more stories for the day, at which time you sink into companionable silence.  I do this most with my mom, but I trust my best friendships can sustain my crazy too-many-tabs-open-in-my-brain conversations, too!  Enjoy this week's reads, my friends! 

A glorious Instagram feed.

This lush product has an unexpectedly awesome side-effect! 

Visiting the most colorful holiday in the world is totally on my bucket list.  Who's with me?!

20 joyful things to do this spring. 

Ping pong players in an orchestra?! How creative! 

I love discovering new artists, and I am particularly digging the actively abstracted art made by Alex Gardner

Here's an interesting challenge...12 acts of kindness!

I just adore these whimsical GIFs!

The glory of awe

A chilly short story