What I'm Reading

I spent this past weekend in Jamaica and came home to a bazillion emails, cat barf on the floor, and work to be done.  I'm already desperate to go back, but alas, Life summons.  The good news about having to sort through all those emails, though, was that I came across a ton of good reads!  Check 'em out and enjoy!

I liked this brief montage of films that have borrowed form classical art. 

This hilarious cat sits and watches its owners eat EVERY meal and I'm loving it.

55 women making cool ass stuff. 

Love him or hate him, Kanye has made himself ever-present.  Here's an interesting look at his Twitter antics. Are they art or total bullshit?  You decide. 

I'd love to check out this art installation of swarming ceramic insects.  They are so beautiful!  

Kate Young cooks and bakes food inspired by her favorite works of fiction. This is her blog, recipes included!

Totes getting myself one of these body positive tees.

These postcards that you complete with a coffee cup stain are bringing me so much joy!

I'm really digging this artist's fun patterns!

I love artists that approach the grotesque and rude themes in a truly artful manner. I'll be honest, I never even knew food sculpture was a real thing, but how gorgeous is this stuff?! 

p.s. you can check out some of my vacation pix over on my Insta! :)