This Month I'm Giving To...

If you haven't realized yet, I'm one passionate gal.  There are countless causes I feel strongly about (see here or here), and have been feeling like Bert&Lou really ought to get in on that action.  I already pride myself on using sustainable materials and biodegradable inks for all Bert&Lou paper goods, by reusing packaging, and by connecting with and supporting other makers and artisans, but this month I'm going one step beyond that.  This year I have chosen a charity near to my heart to give back to. 

Earlier this autumn I was casually doodling up designs and created one in particular that spoke to me as soon as it came to life.  Once completed, I knew my Grateful for a Plate-full card had to be that charitable link Bert&Lou was missing.  I immediately knew that through this design I would pledge to donate a portion of its proceeds to a foundation aiming to end hunger (a very Thanksgiving-centric cause, if I do say so myself).  Childhood hunger, in particular, is something I have experienced personally, and therefore feel all the more passionate about.  In a previous life I taught ever so briefly in an impoverished neighborhood (it was ever so briefly because the program I taught for lost state funding and was therefore eliminated....and the position itself was so emotionally draining I'm not sure I could have continued anyway).  Many of my students suffered from post-traumatic stress, behavioral disorders, incarcerated parents, and the inconsistency of wondering where their next meal would come from.  While it was officially against policy (sorry old job!) I would sneak one family of young boys extra snacks when I would have them for class, and tried to always have something on hand for the guaranteed kid who would approach me and tell me they were hungry.

Needless to say, it hit me in the feels.

So this month I am officially committing to donating a portion of proceeds from the Bert&Lou Grateful for a Plate-full card to No Kid Hungry.  I would love for you to read more about this foundation, and why I chose it here

Your personal contribution is a percentage of your purchase from this card this month. I couldn't be more excited and honored to have you help me do something good!

to help donate

And don't forget to start loading up on holiday cards.  The season of giving will soon be upon us!