What I'm Reading: Starbucks' Newest Red Cups, Neo-Geocentrism, and The Healing Benefits of Forest Bathing

Usch då.  It has been a mighty rough week. (Plus Leonard Cohen died. I'm just like, WTF 2016?! Can you puhleez just give it a break?!).  I have so many tangled feelings about recent events, but I am trying to focus my attention toward listening, being kind, and lifting others up.

Of course below I have some election-related links that I found to be good reading, but if you're so over it, I have plenty of unrelated links as well (just scroll past the election section).  I'm trying to send as many good vibes as I can out into the universe at this troubled time.  

Please, do me a favor this weekend.  Make an effort to lift others up, be it by giving a stranger a compliment, offering support to someone who might be struggling, or simply by listening to a friend's concerns.  We need to support each other and spread love, now more than ever.  Be the light.  Be the love.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

In case you, too, are still reeling about the election results, here are some literary voices on Donald Trump. 

And here are some of the repercussions his presidency will have on science in America and cross the globe. 

I found this article to be particularly enlightening.  

Read here Scientific American's take on the hyper-polarization of American politics. This struck me particularly strongly.  I'm interested in reading the book mentioned in the article.

Quite an elegant piece on being a woman and raising girls in America.

In case you're feeling discouraged AF (or even if you're not), check out these awesome ladies who just made history!  You go girls!

I have attached three videos below that I found to be very well done. Obviously, all three pundits are left-leaning, but please give them a chance.  I think each clip is kind, eloquent, and inspirational for all of us struggling to make amends with America's current condition.


And now, some much less heavy material:

Starbucks red cups (that's right cups, as in plural!) are IN, and I want every single one! Each cup was designed by a different artist. There's even an iced drink cup design! #supporttheartists !

Fabulously flamboyant 17th century wigs, custom made for any occasion. Except I just want to wear them every day!

The introvert's guide to creating a leadership presence. 

What exactly is neo-geocentrism?  I can actually kind of get behind the idea of a universal consciousness.  I blame the awe-inducing hugeness of nature. 

Autumn is officially upon us, ya'll.  If you're like me with half a closet full of plaid shirts, here are some styling tips!

Hey gals, now there's really no reason not to buy cruelty-free: cruelty-free makeup brands you can get at the drugstore!

Lego Stranger Things is here. What. Even? 

Forest bathing.  It's a thing and it's awesome. (Thanks Japan!)  I fully subscribe to this practice.  In fact, it's one of the things I miss the most about living out west! (I may have posted this before but I'm just so smitten with it!)

Slime Mold: jelly that makes decisions!

A great article on clean eating as self-care. 

The Pacific northwest has a case of vengeful owls.  Yipes!

Why do cats love bookstores? (I'll be honest, I didn't know they did, but I'm definitely all about it!)

If you need a boost, giphy.com currently has a "puppy mode".  Click on it.  You're welcome.

While you're at it, just scroll through this.