What I'm Reading: Niceties

She's baAAAack!

Sweet baby Mac is back from the computer doctor with a new brain and I'm working overtime to get back on track.  I never realized how much I rely on this darn device for everything I do work-wise (and I'm thanking my lucky stars that they recovered my precious travel and work pix!).

 Anyhoo, below are those previously promised links of goodness. If you're feeling at all frazzled or grumpy or not quite in the holiday spirit, be sure to check them out.  I gathered them specifically as a list of remedy resources and uplifting articles. 

15 quotes that will change the way you treat people. 

I totally related to this article about how to be nicer

A few more ways to just be kinder

Around the holidays I find myself particularly challenged not to snap at certain people who test my nerves.  I read this post about thought-stopping and am definitely committed to putting that into action.

How to raise daughters who love their bodies

*LOVE THIS* This guy and his friends dressed up like ninjas and brought gifts to the homeless. Their kindness--and hilarious antics--made me smile like a total goof.

Best Grandpa award goes to Chan Jae in Brazil. He started an Instagram account to draw stories for his grandchildren in New York and Korea. 

While it's not officially a "nicety", this website is so cool.  Just pick a decade and a country and listen to what music was popular there at the time.  I'm hooked on vintage Norway!

15 picture books to add to your own bookshelf.

Science says engaging in something creative, even if it's just a small baking project, can lighten your mood.  

I needed this blog post about what to eat when things aren't going well