Happy Thanksgiving! (+ What I'm Reading)

Happy turkey day, ya'll!  I've rounded up the usual list of good reads, in case you're almost too stuffed to function, or if you need to mentally check out from time with the fam.  Or just because!

Happy Thanksgiving from Bert&Lou!

9 Poems About Gratitude That Will Encourage You To See The World More Fully.

This woman was told she couldn't eat at one of NYC's fanciest restaurants because she was a woman, so she brought he whole squad. #squadgoals

4 ways to give back for the holidays.  It's so easy!  Also, here

Of all the art disciplines, I practice fiber art the least....this probably explains by utter obsession with them!  These embroidered portraits just about did me in with how incredibly detailed and beautiful they are.  Looks like I've got some new projects to add to my list!

Can reading make you happier? You betcha!

Productivity hack: chill the eff out. Duhh.

This cabin in Norway is making me swoon. That's it, I'm going ooooooooff the grid!

A simple Ayurvedic guide to stress management.

I'm planning on whipping up the tastiest (and stress-relieving) coconut lavender London fog latte first thing tomorrow morning.

A national issue: the disease of being busy.

This Utah schoolteacher's collection of cat art is meow up for sale. 

Time to get started on some of the 2016 National Book Award winners

When I travelled through Hong Kong, I actually stayed in Kowloon, Hong Kong's lesser known sister. This incredibly detailed map of Kowloon, Hong-Kong's vice-filled walled city, offers a fascinating look into a place I briefly lived.

Earlier this week, I gathered up some books I plan to read as part of a larger move to educate myself on social issues in America. My little reading stack included a poetry and essay book, books on African-American and Native-American history, and books about women in activism and social justice movements. I was overwhelmed by the positive response and recommendations for great reading on my insta feed and was overjoyed to see that one fellow reader, Jessica Nichols, funneled most of the comment suggestions into an online shopping list of books (You can also plug any of those names into IndieBound to find local shops to support with your purchase). BOOM.

A festival where you get to watch sumo and eat Chankonabe (ちゃんこ鍋), the delicious soup the wrestlers use to prepare for their matches: sumo stew

The detail in these House of Romanov eggs absolutely blows my mind. 

I've posted about the World Nomad Games before, but they are just so wild and cool that I had to add a few more links.  Seriously, look at this:

How to practice good self-care online. I'll be honest, with the number of articles and inflammatory comments flying around out there, I'm glad to have this guide.