What I'm Reading: RIP Great Barrier Reef, A Disappointing Patronus, and Why Lists are Good For Your Brain

Hidey ho everyone.  It's been a trying week, that's for sure.  Here's hoping the weekend brings a little joy and relaxation. I could sure use it. 

What have you been up to this month? Any apple picking? Pumpkin carving? I finally gave in and excavated my sweaters and boots out of storage, added a blanket to my bed, and have been binge watching Penny Dreadful (to get in the Halloween spirit, of course).  Oh yea, and I added a ton of new designs to my shop and have been bangin' out art left and right.  So there's that.

Anyhoo, I've got the goods. The Friday-Faves-Awesome-Links goods. I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Does your birthday fall on one of these weird holidays?

A real life Where The Sidewalk Ends: a brief list of actual roads to nowhere.

I prefer to buy my books, rather than borrow, partly because I like having them in case I want to reference or reread them in the future, and partly because I write up a storm in the margins.  I really identified with this bit about margin-writing allowing one to “not just to passively read but to fully enter a text, to collaborate with it, to mingle with an author on some kind of primary textual plane.”

RIP Great Barrier Reef. Wish I could have met you before you were gone. :(

Out near San Fran? Be sure to check out this onsen/tea house for me!

This interactive global wifi map has the wifi info for airports across the globe, just in case you're ever stranded and bored.

Well, I took the Patronus Quiz over at Pottermore and I'm an Elephant. What the actual frick?  I anticipated something a little more elegant or romantic than that, like a unicorn... or a cat.  Or a shrew. I'm really not sure what an elephant patronus is supposed to mean about the depths of my soul except that I never forget and am a large land mammal.... I'm more bothered by this than I ought to be! Here are some Twitter user's hilarious reactions to finding out their own patronus wasn't quite what they'd hoped. 

Here's why I'm finally climbing on the overnight oats bandwagon. I tried them once and thought I did them wrong because the texture was all out of whack.  I guess it's worth giving a second chance!

You'll never guess what method came in first in Outdoor Mag's ranked test for the best coffee equipment to use while camping

Some weird and inexplicable found photographs of women in trees. 

An interesting (and personally relatable) perspective: tattoos as healing mechanisms

Good news for my fellow list-writers-- it's good for your brain!

No joke, this guy composed music for cats. #lifegoals

Canadians want to remind America that we are great.  What a lovely gesture...unless they did it to try to keep us from moving on up there if the upcoming election doesn't go to our liking! :P

Visiting Tibet is high on my bucket list.  Here's why!