I'm Obsessed: Travel and Literature Blogs

If you were to ask me the dating status of any given celebrity, I am not positive I'd be able to give you an even remote answer (unless of course the Dude has talked about it, because he's the gossiper in this house).  I don't spend my days scrolling Yahoo News or Facebook updates.  I don't have patience for trivial garbage like Madonna's favorite makeup artist or what so-and-so's wedding ring looks like.  What I do spend my time perusing is food, science, travel and literary blogs (even better if it's some or all of those things combined!).  And with those I can spend hours poring deeper and deeper until I look up and realize time has gotten the better of me and it's time to get back to work or cook supper.  Lately I've come across a few that I am absolutely smitten by. I've added each and every one of them to my (seemingly endless) stream of inspiring email subscriptions.  I urge you to check them out for yourself!

Nowhere is travel literature in perfect bite-sized pieces.  I love love LOVE the Best American Travel Writing series, so of course I love this online magazine.  I particularly liked this story, and enjoyed this one perhaps even more.  The writing in this one was stunning. 

Eat This Poem, a literary food blog Literary City Guides, hooray!  I can't wait to cross off the places listed for Chicago (the ones I don't already visit all the time!).  I've also started down the internet rabbit hole because all off ETP's city guides feature actual locals from each city who have curated each list, which means there are accompanying links to their personal blogs and websites.  So pretty much I'm going to spend every spare minute I have checking out each person's profile until I've expired all my options.  

Roads and Kingdoms is an independent journal of food, politics, travel and culture with glorious photography.  I'd recommend reading about Ghana's Fantasy Coffins and if you're game for it (no pun intended) this article about sustainable and small-scale butchering in Big Sky Country (as a mostly-vegetarian, I still find it particularly important to know where food comes from and I highly support operations like the ones written about here). The designer in me also appreciated this article about arctic architecture influenced by native needs and traditions. 

We Heart, a total mishmash of art, travel, and culture. 

Pinch has all my faves: art, travel, food, style!

I follow Notes From The Road exclusively for the gorgeous travel illustrations! 

Warscapes embraces art and literature from war-torn regions where such things tend to become overlooked. A great way to keep struggling cultures alive, I think.