The Return

Hi.  Hello.  Remember me?  I'm back and ready for action.

I'm returning to the blog with a more concrete direction than before.  I tapered off with posting on the blog a while back because I felt like I was only posting to accommodate the schedule I'd set for myself and not because it was anything I actually felt really inspired or excited by.  I wound up feeling really Blah about it all and gave it up.  (Besides, I'm pretty sure a maximum of three people read this, so I figured no one would miss it!).  

Well, no matter.  I'm back and excited to share things again!  The new direction for Bert&Lou Blogs is going to be a little more of a mishmash, but that's how my brain is!  It will consist of art, travel, life, design, body love, books, name it!  I think I was trying too hard to be the blogs I admire, and not staying true to my weird, scattered self! 

As always, I love your comments and can't wait to get back into the groove and connect with you all.  It feels good to be back!