Head in the Clouds

How joyful is this installment?! 

Take a peek inside London’s Covent Garden where French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion has recently unveiled a cumulus cloud composed of 100,000 white balloons.  Illuminated from within and titled ‘Heartbeat,’ the installation was created as part of the upcoming London Design Festival.  The cloud is massive --it stretches the length of the South Hall ceiling of the Market Building!  Pétillion is known for his use of white balloons to fill unusual spaces, a photographic series he refers to as Invasions (personally, I feel the name invokes aggression, which seems to juxtapose the sweet airiness of the balloons themselves!). This is by far his largest installation to date and his first official public art piece.  

What do you think about 'Heartbeat' and 'Invasions'? 

You can read more about Charles Pétillion's art over at DesignBoom (where I swiped all these images from!).