Checking in...

Making : a whole heap of new card designs

Cooking : polenta huevos rancheros

Drinking : dandelion root tea

Reading : Lucky mag and Rachel Ray...gotta get me some recipe plans!

Wanting : to live in Btown

Looking : for advice

Playing : spotify, SIA and Iron and Wine

Deciding : if tomorrow will be a full leg day

Wishing : changes weren't so hard

Enjoying : a warm kitty on my lap

Waiting : for a sign

Liking : the Stiegl Radler with Red Eddy drinks I mixed up this weeked

Wondering : when I'll be a real grown up

Loving : my friends, old and new.

Pondering : whether to take preorders for father's day cards...?

Considering : the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs....

Watching : nothing. and it's nice.

Hoping : i get nice weather for my bday next week 

Marveling : at rooftop bars

Needing : to see my sister again, like now!

Smelling : my new pinrose scent, pillowtalk poet

Wearing : mismatched pjs, it's 11pm.

Following : the Stanley Cup Playoffs, duhhhhh

Wanting :  a little bit of clarity

Noticing : the El train squealing on its tracks outside

Knowing : tomorrow will be here sooner than I might be ready for

Thinking : i sound like a melancholy poo

Admiring : Caitlyn Jenner

Sorting : out my priorities

Buying : groceries, probably

Getting : sleepy...

Bookmarking : my faves from this year's National Stationary Show

Disliking : always feeling like I'm not quite home. 

Opening : doors to new friendships  

Feeling : like I ought to go to bed