Checking In

Making : hand-painted mother's day cards! 

Cooking : does frozen pizza count?

Drinking : milk oolong, at the moment

Reading : about butter coffee. is it worth it?

Wanting : to be able to sleep in the city

Looking : at ways to solve this. eye mask? zquill? ughhhh

Playing : fetch with my cat....yes. he plays fetch

Deciding : my outfits for my trip this weekend

Wishing : for a little more direction

Enjoying : my tea

Waiting : to see my sister!

Liking : my new office furniture

Wondering : if I should pick up everything and move to LA for a masters in art management 

Loving : baskets. always baskets.

Pondering : designs for paintings

Considering : cardio or weights for the day

Watching : HGTV, House Hunters.  They're in Coober Pedy, which is hardcore.

Hoping : the weather is nice this weekend 

Marveling : at treehouses and cabins and goin off the grid 

Needing : to see my sister ASAP!

Smelling : olive almond and sage wonderbalm

Wearing : lounge clothes 

Following : scientific american

Wanting :  a full night's sleep

Noticing : how windy it is outside.

Knowing : I've got more time over the next few days to get stuff done than I thought I had

Thinking : I miss Colorado

Admiring : older architecture

Sorting : my nail polish collection!  I threw so many old crusty ones away, I feel so renewed! 

Buying : that couch I had my eye on....

Getting : tired of this chilly air!

Bookmarking : spring-y recipes

Disliking : being far from the mountains

Opening : myself up to the possibility that I just need to freaking RELAX  

Feeling : like I ought to put a sweater on!