Checking In

Making : a grocery shopping list 
Cooking : cheesy girts with a poached egg or two, my go-to breakfast/lunch
Drinking : cafe miel
Reading :, a website dedicated to cool and morbid news and history
Wanting : this bangle 
Looking : at the mish-mash of vintage games stacked on shelves in the cafe I'm seated in
Playing : Traum, by CRO
Deciding : whether I should go the extra distance to go to Trader Joe's, because I want to pick up some of their flowers. 
Wishing : I was a trust-fund baby ;P
Enjoying : spring cleaning
Waiting : because I'm pretty much an expert at it
Liking : finally being caught up with Better Call Saul and Bates Motel
Wondering : if the eggs are still good in my fridge.... 
Loving : the warming temps
Pondering : new product designs
Considering : blowing off grocery shopping to read outside on the balcony
Watching : The Returned, but I've gotta do a GOT marathon one of these days
Hoping : I'm on the upswing from feeling so down-in-the-dumps lately 
Marveling : at the "EL" train passing over my head, shaking the light fixtures every time, and that ther are countless people riding right above my head, our paths never crossing.               Needing : to see my sister
Smelling : baking cinnamon rolls in the back kitchen of the cafe I'm in 
Wearing : jeans, toms, a slinky tee and an indigo-batik patterned scarf with pom poms on it that makes me happy 
Following : the Serial podcasts
Wanting :  this sweet smushy couch I met over the weekend and fell in love with
Noticing : that it's earlier than I thought it was
Knowing : that with warmer days arriving, there is more time for me to spend outside, which makes me happy.  I really ought to live somewhere where I'm not so confined indoors by the weather for so much of the year...
Thinking : about where I would move to...! Colorado? Arizona? South Africa? I just need sunshine and things to do!
Admiring : how skinny the girl baking the cinnamon rolls is....
Sorting : winter clothes and packing them away!
Buying : few furniture for the room I currently use as my "office".  I can't wait to spruce it up!
Getting : a little antsy about the errands I need to run
Bookmarking : wedding stationary font inspirations
Disliking : onions ruining my life
Opening : the windows to let in the fresh spring air (well, as fresh as city air can be!)       Feeling : more productive than I have in a while