Checking In

Making : a steaming cup of hot tea
Cooking : honey lime sweet potato tacos for dinner last night
Drinking : Blueprint Cleanse pineapple-apple-mint juice while I wait for my tea to cool a little
Reading : Scientific American Mind, Gone Girl
Wanting : warmer weather
Looking : at the beautiful flowers I picked up at Whole Foods last week, now wilting
Playing : a lot of podcasts! Invisibilia, Serial, Freakonomics, on Being...
Deciding : how to spend my afternoon as I wait for the washer/dryer delivery guys to show up at their mystery time
Wishing : I was in a sunny spot in front of a pool with a good book
Enjoying : the company of my little ginger grubby cat who is settled in right next to me like my little shadow.
Waiting : to catch a break
Liking : minimalist capsule wardrobes 
Wondering : how to be better 
Loving : not having *totally* cut my finger off last night, but only slicing majorly through my finger and nail.
Pondering : the last episode of Breaking Bad, which I FINALLY watched the other day after putting it off for more than a year. 
Considering : lunch
Watching : committed to Better Call Saul, trying to catch up on Bates Motel, and I watched NOVA last night.  apparently there are a thousand shows I need to catch up does everyone have so much time for tv?!
Hoping : i can get in a good walk/workout today
Marveling : at how quickly my ranunculus died
Needing : a trip back to the mountains
Smelling : tea, chilly spring air coming in from the window I cracked open, my warm kitty, 
Wearing : leggings and a tee, wet hair in a braid
Following : too many Instagram accounts
Wanting : an ego boost
Noticing : the birds chirping outside
Knowing : that time keeps ticking
Thinking : about all the things I need to get done and can't because I'm stuck waiting for those delivery guys, but at least I'll be able to do laundry again after they leave
Feeling : a little meh, but appreciating the sun being out
Admiring : Neringa Ridges and her amazing photography and how freaking cool her life is.
Sorting : laundry
Buying : some new organization stuff at IKEA this weekend, I hope!
Getting : that dang front room fixed up, organized, and looking good and my closet cleaned and purged
Bookmarking : how to renew my passport
Disliking : how stressed and depressed I've been lately
Opening : the door to possibilities
Feeling : tired