Links I'm Loving

What I'm clicking on and obsessing about this week at #Bert&LouHQ <3

I'm obsessed with these joy-filled conceptual designs to make your Mondays--and EVERY day--more enjoyable!

Hey! Another artist named Britta!

I recently acquired a little venus flytrap and named it UrsulaVladimir.  Now I need to make sure I keep it alive!

Umm, COOL! These badass doctors saved a whole town from the Nazis!

This baby dressed like a Kardashian for three days and I LOLed through the entire article.

First there was Pizza-Rat.  Now there's Milkshake-Squirrel!  Animals rule. Food rules.  Therefore, these rule. 

How joyful! Giant forest megaphones to amplify the sounds of the wilderness!

Embracing the anti-hustle.  YES.

Here's a recipe for homemade pumpkin-spice coffee.  I'm definitely planning on whipping this up over the weekend!


Hope your weekend is lovely!