Pretty. Cool.

I came across the Thousand Year Rose and couldn't help but share it.  

The Rose of Hildesheim, otherwise known as the Thousand-Year Rose, is thought to be the oldest living rose on the planet.  You can find it growing up the side of a columnar portion the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.  The flower (which honestly looks more like a wild tree than a sweet flowering bush by now!) is thought to have been planted in the early 800s when the church itself was founded.  Miraculously, the hearty plant slowly crept up the side of the apse for hundreds of years, and still continues to bud and bloom each year, producing pale pink flowers each spring.

What really astounds me is that this hearty flower has almost been wiped out numerous times throughout history, most notably when the bush was nearly completely razed during the Second World War when Allied bombs annihilated the cathedral.  Every part of the plant above ground was destroyed, but from the rubble, new branches grew from the bit of root that survived.

I'm finding it really inspiring and symbolic of growth and perseverance.  What do you think about the Hundred Year Rose???